Meet Sam

Split Enz Salon Gloucester

Meet Sam

For the longest time, Sam claimed she wouldn’t own her a hair salon, but last year, fate intervened.

Sam came to acquire, and now owns, Split Enz, a salon that takes a “Total Look” approach with clients by taking each unique individual, consulting on their lifestyle, body type, personality and hair characteristics to customize their current trend look.

She Knows the Beauty Spectrum

Sam’s vast background in hair began 20 years ago as she sat as a student in a cosmetology class at Gloucester High School, taught by who she calls a role model.

When it came time for Sam to decide whether to go to college or to pursue a career in cosmetology, she pursued her passion and headed toward cosmetology, an industry she has been advancing, learning and perfecting in as a hair designer, nail technician, educator and business owner ever since.

Throughout her career, Sam has worked in Richmond where she assisted in a salon before going out on the floor working on clients solo. She worked for a high end salon in Newport News and Richmond and as an Operations Manager.

Sam earned her instructor’s license through Rappahannock Community College and trained and designed the training programs for salons. Throughout her career Sam has trained in LA, NY, London, Budapest, Puerto Rico and in Pivot Point Cutting Systems and Mindful Teaching.

Sam has worked her way through different aspects of the beauty industry that included education and management.

Education being where her heart is. Watching others, clients or student, have the “aha” moment is most treasuring for Sam.


Building her Business and Her Team

The best part of Sam’s job? Watching a client walk out feeling not only beautiful, but also more secure and confident with themselves.

That’s what the “Total Look” philosophy delivers.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

My daughter.

What do you value most in your friends?

Loyalty: sticking through the good and bad.
Character building: it is the challenges of everyday life that build your perspective and choices.

What is your most treasured possession?

My daughter.

Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

“It’s character building.” And something my mom always says that I stick by is, “if you wait for something good, it’s always greater when you get it.”

Who is your greatest influence?

My mom. She works very hard. She just gets the job done, and she’s aware of people and aware of herself. She overcame divorce, raising four kids and taking in another kid who needed a home as a teenager—all as a single woman. She never let the circumstances beat her, but she made the best of the circumstances. She’s 70 now and does the same thing; it’s amazing to me. She helped me paint all weekend at 70 years old.