At Split Enz Salon we take every detail into consideration – including the quality and integrity of the products we use. All of our products are available for purchase during your appointments or in between styling visits.

PRIVE HAIR is all that encompasses Laurent D. and his Artistic team at Prive Products, Prive Salons, Prive Education and Prive Academy. Creating innovative and trendsetting styles for movies and television clientele,Laurent D. was inspired to develop a line of hair care formulas that could perform up to the expectations of the most elite stylists and their clients. Now sold in the finest salons in the country and 12 countries internationally. Prive products is proud to be considered Hollywood’s choice for Apothecary hair care.

 The name PRAVANA is derived from an ancient Sanskrit phrase, which translates to The Source of All Things. The brand’s core mission is to provide unparalleled, high performance beauty solutions to salon professionals and their clients everywhere through a range of carefully curated, innovative hair care products that are formulated from only the best, and most natural ingredients available to the beauty industry.
HAIRDREAMS is the leading international luxury brand in professional hair lengthening and thickening systems headquartered in Graz, Austria. The brand is recognized as an international leader and the most successful provider of professional 100% real human hair lengthening and thickening systems of unparalleled premium grade quality.
0_0_0_0_254_76_csupload_61983337BIO IONIC® uses Negative Ions, naturally produced by charged minerals found deep within the earth, to micronize water molecule clusters. Hydrating molecules penetrate the hair shaft to condition, strengthen, smooth or curl hair, without damage. This process is called IonTransformation™ and is used in Bio Ionic’s retexturizing system, NanoIonic™.
LCN is a revolutionary line of light-cured products designed to seal, correct, lengthen and beautify fingernails. The first of its kind in Europe, this system provides a non-acrylic alternative to conventional nail cosmetics, providing longer lasting and infinitely more beautiful results.