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Cancellation Policy – We understand emergencies do arise; however, our day is based on pre-scheduled appointments making both your time and ours valuable. Repeat offenses of non-emergency cancellations less than 24 hours or not showing for an appointment may result in the following: 1) a credit card number to be put on the client’s file with a payment for half the service missed or 2) any future appointments will need to be made with a deposit of half the service scheduled.

Late Arrival Policy – Any guest 10 minutes or later from the time of the appointment may be asked to reschedule or receive a reduced service at regular cost

Children’s Policy – Due to the chemicals we work with and the hot or sharp tools, we ask any child under the age of 12 to not attend with you unless receiving a service.

Cell Phone Policy – We ask that all electronics to be turned to silent mode. Please limit phone calls to emergencies only and to utilize earphones/earbuds so not to interfere with hour service or another guests.

Redo’s -Split Enz Salon strives to please every guest that attends here. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the service, we will redo the service according to below:

  • Hair Services: The guest may receive a redo within a ten-day period of the initial service. Any dissatisfied guest requesting a redo after the ten-day period, may have an additional five days (total of 15-days) to have the service redone at a discounted price (price to be determined). Any redo’s outside of the 15-days will be treated as a new service.
  • Nail Services: The guest may receive a redo of a natural manicure within three days, a natural pedicure within five days at no additional charge. The guest may receive a redo on a gel manicure within five days at no additional charge. Outside of the grace period for nail services, the guest may have an additional three days at a discounted cost (50% of original price) totaling no more than 6/8/8 days. After grace period, services will be charged full price.
  • Please note that as a team-based salon, your redo service may not be with the original provider.