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Meet Agi

I offer everything from Relaxation Massage to Therapeutic and Deep Tissue Massage to Prenatal, Vedic Thai Yoga Massage and Hawaiian Lomi.

My goal is to provide every client every day with a massage tailored to their specific needs and desires so that they leave my treatment room restored in their physical, emotional and mental body.

I constantly want to keep learning and expanding my knowledge which is imperative to my skill level and to offering the best and most advanced techniques and scientific findings to the client. I am very picky about what modality I add so as to make it fit my style and personal preference and existing mix of modalities.

I hope to be a valuable addition to the Gloucester community by offering high quality body treatments from the moment a client walks into our facility to the moment he or she leaves. The logistic part of her experience is smooth and easy so we can focus on the treatment where I utilize all my expertise and knowledge collected over 18 years of service in the industry.

My biggest achievement is moving to a foreign country with nothing at the age of 26 after acquiring a Masters degree in Germany and actually making a good life happen. Granted I didn’t do it alone but it’s still a huge emotional and practical accomplishment.
Another big achievement is having raised three children by myself and providing financially as a massage therapist at the same time.

My health is a top priority and I can say that I still run around like a teenager, I hike and boulder climb, I ride horses, I work out, I work the farm, there are very few limits to my 54 year old body….just recently I jogged up 1000 feet elevation on a mountain trail in CO.

My passions are (dissolving generational dysfunctional social imprinting through retrieving and integrating childhood trauma in my immediate family).

Exploring foreign cultures through visiting the country but not as a tourist, learning their language and trying to immerse myself in their way of living. In my younger days it was Turkey, Morocco, Algeria and Sweden, later Peru, India and Jamaica.

Cultivating and living in awareness of the present moment and detaching from personal interest. Making each day a celebration of life where through example I promote seeing the whole big picture and not only our small world.

Fun Fact: There are lots! Massage therapists are just weird. My hair is never really a mess, I just fix it up like that.