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Meet Hannah

Skin, educating, and healing is what I love to share with a guest. I am currently an esthetician licensed in Virginia and Pennsylvania customizing your skin care needs. I have completed various certifications to expand my services into lash lifting and tinting, henna brow tinting, waxing/sugaring and lash extensions. My next goal will be to complete the master esthetics program allowing me to offer more advance services. I am very grateful to have chosen a career that touches people in a positive way.

My passion for education in my professional life extends into my personal life. I take each daily experience, a book I’ve read or even a conversation with someone and try to grow from it. In my personal time I love spending time with my family and three dogs. My husband and I are huge animal lovers!

  • Fun Fact: I have two different colored eyes but I wasn’t born that way. As a baby, I was involved in an unusual accident resulting in one of my eyes turning a dark blue while the other is hazel. 🙂